The port of Calais has a marina (located near the shopping district in the north of Calais) that is home all year-round to some 262 fishing boats and sailboats with an additional tidal basin for 45 craft, or a total of 307 mooring rings. The marina is ISO 9001 : 2008 certified.

The Paradise Basin shelters the fishing fleet with along the banks, the traditional fish market with sales booths and the typical cafes of the Minck district. Find out more

Come to Calais and the Opal Coast for a real surprise

Calais, capital of the French lace industry, is also a popular seaside resort. With over 1,000 metres of sandy beaches, its typical chalets offer breathtaking views of the English coast.

Calais is also a town with a rich cultural heritage, including a belfry that has been listed as a World Heritage site by Unesco, and a lighthouse classified as a historic monument.

Destination Calais

Large nature areas, dunes, sandy beaches that follow endlessly on from one another and tall cliffs overlooking the sea (rising to 132m for the Blanc-Nez Cape and to 50 metres for the Gris-nez Cape), seaside resorts, and towns steeped in history. Why not come here for a real surprise ?

Destination Côte d’Opale

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